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DECENT Crypto Services (DCS) provides you with the tools to list, store and safely manage different coins on your cryptocurrency exchange. All without accessing any private keys! Request Demo

Market Making

DCS provides liquidity to new or existing coins on any crypto exchange. We work with you to understand the most effective strategies for your coins. Request Proposal

Wallet Security
& Management

DCS provides world-class tools to manage your wallets. We help you store coins securely without ever needing to access your private keys. Request Pricing
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Universal API

A one-stop shop to connect and manage coins and tokens created on various blockchains. Our solutions securely integrate with your technology stack and remove all the hassles of listing new coins. Our experienced team focuses on security and works in close cooperation with you and numerous blockchains. We do not need access to any private keys.

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dd Single API for All Coins
Our universal API gives you access to all supported cryptocurrencies through a unified interface. Integrate with the API to create wallets, perform transactions and nand receive notifications from all relevant blockchains.
dd Private Keys Security
Our universal API works entirely without ever accessing wallets or entering your private keys. You can set criteria for automatic transfers and manage the conditions yourself, or we can do the heavy lifting for you by creating new private keys to manage the whole process.
dd Security Alerts
Get notified when 51% or similar attacks are detected on any integrated blockchain. Cryptocurrency exchanges can set up rules to limit exposure to double-spending, unauthorized withdrawals, and other potential security breaches.
dd Complete Auditability
All your communication and data is encrypted. Our platform provides administrative audit logs for you to review who and how different APIs were accessed. Records provide cryptocurrency exchanges with complete visibility and transparency in case of a security incident.
dd Enterprise-Grade Service
Our platform and infrastructure provide guaranteed availability through an SLA. We run multiple nodes for each blockchain, perform automatic load-balancing and scale up as needed, without compromising security.
dd Leverage your Infrastructure
Running a virtual private network? Connect our API directly through your VPN so that all the data is transmitted over a secure network that you trust.
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Market Making

Provide liquidity to new or existing coins on any crypto exchange. We provide book replication and liquidity management through innovative trading strategies.

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dd Increased Liquidity
Markets with higher liquidity are more resilient to disruption and manipulation from excessive bids or asks. Market making services enable you to create or increase the liquidity of coins listed on crypto exchanges. We help you improve liquidity for both unlisted coins or established cryptocurrencies.
dd Shared Liquidity
We work with over 25 cryptocurrency exchanges to mirror orders and prices to you. By connecting you to our network of partner exchanges, you can instantly scale by leveraging your competitors' liquidity.
dd Healthy Spread
Ensure your order books are healthy without adding risk to your clients. Our services reduce buy-ask spreads and help decrease the risk for investors looking to trade new coins.
dd Out-of-the-Box Solution
Combine our services for the perfect solution to lift any coin. Our services can help you with new tokens or coins as well as liquidity. We employ advanced trading and liquidity strategies which create a healthy ask and bid order book.
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Wallet Security & Management

Keep your wallets safe and your private keys hidden. Private keys never leave the hardware security module. Our services are highly configurable, allowing you to separate business from security. Zero security operations are performed in business applications.

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dd Protect Digital Assets
Ensure your private keys are kept private and never exposed. Our solution allows you to transact with the utmost security without having to disclose your private keys. We leverage the same industry-standard hardware as Swiss banks currently use.
dd 400 Million CHF Insurance
Your digital assets are insured against loss due to hardware failures. If an unfortunate event of failure to online and backup wallets were to occur, your digital assets are insured up to 400 million Swiss Francs.
dd Multi-Currency Platform
We currently support Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash (ABC & SV), Stellar, Cardano, Dash, IOTA, Ethereum Classic Dogecoin, Feathercoin and all ERC20 tokens. Support for other cryptocurrencies is added upon request.
dd Customizable Accessibility
Our service provides full control over who accesses your wallet. You define the rules for transferring coins from your wallets to protect you against malware, theft, or malicious employees.
dd Industry Security
To ensure high-security standards, corporate governance, processes and operations are audited. A SOC2 report Type 1 is issued in accordance with ISAE 3000. Reputable technical third parties also perform comprehensive penetration testing.
dd Nuke-Proof Backups
Your backup wallet is secured in a former military bunker in the Swiss Alps, which is one of Europe's safest data centers. Online and backup wallets are stored in separate physical locations to ensure continuity in case of an outage at a single facility.
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